Our Vision

will be recognised as a leading provider of Further and Higher Education in the North East region, nationally and internationally.

Our Contribution

will contribute to social, economic and environmental well-being, changing lives for the better by enabling people of all abilities to fulfil their potential in work and in the community through high quality professional, technical and general education.

Our Values

As an employer and learning organisation, we will conduct our business by following the values of ‘ASPIRE’:

A         Accountability       

                We accept responsibility for our actions, decisions and policies and their impact on staff, stakeholders and the environment.

S         Safeguarding         

                We maintain a safe and inclusive environment in which students can learn, achieve and progress

P         Partnerships          

                We work in partnership with those who share our vision and values

I           Inclusion     

                We foster an environment that ensures equality of opportunity enabling all to reach their full potential.

R         Respect       

                We treat everyone with respect, fostering trust, openness and honesty.

E         Excellence  

                We achieve and maintain high standards in everything that we do.